Our mission

Realeboga Development Services advocates and support the provision of high quality, innovative and efficient professional services in training to satisfy its learners and supporters to enhance its reputation.

Our vision

The institution strives to give proper skills, to develop and empower all people of the country and the world particularly in the field of education. Realeboga Development Services also provides dynamic leadership that transforms, develops and supports ordinary people of South Africa, Africa and the world at large.


Realeboga Development Services (Reg: 2006/137729/23) is accredited with ETDP SETA (Reg: 1492) and all our programs are aligned with SAQA. We are offering qualifications in ECD (Early Child Development) level 4, Abet level 4 and LG SETA.

Early childhood development level 4

ECD level 4 & 5 training of preschools and creches. Prectitioners(teachers)

FET, New venture creation

FET new venture creation level 4, Training business people and those who aspire to be in business

Aet/Abet level 4

AET/BET level, for those who want to finish matric or start from lower grades

Cleaning level 1 and 2

Cleaning of government departments, industries or companies.

Assessment, Faciltation and Moderation

These are generic skills for those who are interested in facilitating, assessesing and moderating learners.


  • Providing education and training as well as assessment to all our clients both in public and private sectors.
  • Seeking to provide and develop values, positive attitude and skills to all our learners.
  • Developing upcoming companies that would like to be accredited and licensed.
  • Providing training and leadership skills to people in workplaces for better productivity.
  • Offering training to existing businesses to ensure continued flourishing services.
  • Supplying educational materials and equipment to all that need them.


  • Providing quality education
  • Perfecting our skills at all times
  • Protecting our clients in offering their educational needs
  • Providing professional programs

Payment of fees

  • All learners are expected to pay a registration fee.
  • Learners are expected to finish their courses and to pay their fees as indicated below.
  • If a learner terminates due to reasons beyond control, a partial tuition fee will be payable after one month.
  • Learners wishing to cancel their registration must do so in writing one month before cancellation.
  • In the case of withdrawal due to death, tuition fees will be payable on a pro rata base for the academic year.

Duration of our courses

  • 4-5 Months(Trimester)
  • 6 Months(Semester)
  • 12 Months(1 Year)
Realeboga development services

Skills programs unit standards

  • Faciliate learning using a vevioty of given methodologies levels 05 (11781)
  • Conduct outcomes based assessments level 05 (115753)
  • Conduct moderation of outcomes based assessments level 06 (115759)

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