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Realeboga development services

About Us

Realeboga Development Services was started in 2006 by black people due to a great need of skills amongst black South African people. This institute aims at developing blacks and other people who are disadvantaged when it comes to skills that are in demand is South Africa such as construction and other related skills. It is from this humble beginning that this institute was started: to up skills and empower all people in labor oriented matters so they can earn their living whereas they also economically contribute to South Africa


Realeboga Development Services (Reg: 2006/137729/23) is accredited with ETDP SETA (Reg: 1492) and all our programs are aligned with SAQA. We are offering qualifications in ECD (Early Child Development) level 4, Abet level 4 and LG SETA.


The firm is 100% owned and managed by PDI status members Number of members: 2 Maepa Matlole Othaniel I.D No: Membership %: 40% Effective date of membership. 11/08/2006 Maepa Tebogo Johanna I.D No: Membership %: 60% Effective date of membership: 09/11/2007

Financial ability

The directors of this company also known U R Able Bookshop which has done an excellent work with Limpopo’s Department of Sports Arts & culture. The institution is owned by members who were & are involved in various sectors of business and who happened to get a capital to sustain their institution.

  • Tebogo Maepa got involved as a sole member of Matlole financial services and U R Able Bookshop, educator, Librarian and other businesses ventures.
  • Othaniel Maepa served in various sectors as an educator, motivator, and pastor at Eternal Life International Church and lecture at Insight Theological Seminary. This has therefore served as financial muscles for the company.


Realeboga Development Services is 100% owned and managed by PDI status members

Maepa MO

Email : Othaniel@rd-services.co.za

Position : CEO

Phone : 061 491 8280/082 0997 953

Maepa Tebogo Johanna Juliet

Email :maepatebogo@rd-services.co.za

Position : Managing Director

Phone : 082 879 2384/081 5398 386